The life and health of our employees is our company's main value and priority.

JSC "PTM" takes sufficient measures to protect against coronavirus infection, in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and based on the Decree of the Government of the Rostov region from 05.04.2020 ¹ 272 "On measures to ensure sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the population in the territory of the Rostov region in connection with the spread of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)", the main of which are the following:

- transfer of the majority of employees who are not engaged in direct production activities to remote work mode (IT infrastructure of the company allows employees to perform their duties without being directly in the office of the company at their workplace);
- cancellation of all foreign business trips, as well as restriction of the company's employees' trips outside the Rostov region;
- cancellation of external visits;
- carrying out daily shift health checks of all employees to detect external signs of virus infections;
- daily monitoring of the temperature of employees of the enterprise;
- measuring the temperature of employees and visitors at the entrance of the enterprise territory;
- conducting daily additional disinfection of premises, workplaces, reception rooms, toilets, door handles, etc.;
- providing employees of the enterprise with protective masks and respirators;
- placement of the antibacterial treatment of hands at the entrance to the company, in the reception areas, bathrooms, reception rooms.

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