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Роликоопора желобчатая
Trough idler
Designed to maintain the belt and give it the desired shape.
The idler is equipped with three types of rollers: carrying, impact and lined. Idlers with carrying rollers are used as main rollers. Idlers with impact rollers are installed at the loading points.
Роликоопора центрирующая
Centering idler
Designed to adjust the position of the belt relative to the longitudinal axis of the conveyor.
The centering idler is aa idler on the swivel bracket, which is supplied with two deflector rollers.
Роликоопора гирляндная
Designed to maintain the conveyor belt of the working branch with an overhead mount.
Reliability of operation in heavy duty operation of high dustiness, temperature, humidity allows wide use of garlands in the coal industry.