Control Cabinets

Our company offers services of control cabinets design and construction to solve the task of managing technological equipment in order to achieve optimal production, economic and technical parameters of its work.

Range of Services

  • inspection of an object to be automated
  • preparation of technical requirements specification
  • engineering design • equipment supply
  • supervising installation and assembling of control cabinets and engineering work stations
  • commissioning work
  • instruction and consulting of customer's staff
  • warranty and after warranty servicing

General Properties

  • rated voltage, kV: 0,23; 0,4; 0,69
  • frequency, Hz: 50-60
  • engine power controlled by low-voltage package, kW: 0,18-400
  • motor control: direct start, soft start, frequency control
  • design: wall, floor
  • execution: general purpose industrial version
  • climatic modification: UHL4 (GOST), other —by custom order
  • protection class: IP30, IP54
The construction of control cabinets is carried out in strict accordance with the developed design and technical documentation on the element base of such world manufacturers as Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, etc.


Our company offers control cabinets for the majority of industries.We approach to each customer individually taking into account the latest trends in the industry.


  • automated control of conveyor lines
  • electric lightning
  • automatization of lifting machines
  • automatization of rail vehicles, trolley unloading mechanisms
  • automation of drainage pumps, ventilation fans
  • positioner control cabinets


  • complete automation of power distribution
  • emergency protection and all other processes of power plants operations
  • automation of joint operation of plants with a search for the optimal mode of each of them and the station as a whole
  • control cabinets for electric drives for general industrial use


  • control cabinets for loading / unloading bulk materials
  • control cabinets for lifting machines
  • crane control panels


  • electric power supply of conveyors, cargo carriers and other power equipment
  • control cabinets for electric valves and control valves and other actuators
  • control cabinets for overhead-track hoist
  • crane control panels
  • control cabinets of welding manipulators
  • modernization of machine tools


  • control cabinets of dosing lines and mixing
  • control cabinets of grain cleaning and grain drying complexes
  • automatic climate control systems
  • cabinets (boards) of ventilation control, pumping equipment
  • control cabinets of milking machines

Housing and Public Utilities

  • control cabinets of boiler rooms, pumping stations
  • automatic lighting control systems
  • automation of water treatment and water transport
  • automation of sewage and storm water disposal systems


  • wood processing control cabinets
  • force control cabinets when gluing