Overland conveyors

Наземные конвейеры
Наземные конвейеры
Наземные конвейеры

General properties:

  • belt width up to 3000 mm;
  • belt speed up to 6.3 m / s;
  • conveyor incline:
    • with a smooth belt up to 20 °;
    • with chevron belt up to 45 °;
  • conveyor capacity up to 6000 m3 / h.

Constructive advantages of belt conveyors of JSC PTM:

  1. The facilitated idlers which considerably simplify installation of equipment are used;
  2. All idlers are coated with polymer powder paint, which increases their service life;
  3. A lightweight dismountable flight simplifying the installation of the conveyor and allowing quick moving the conveyor in the desired direction and changing its length is used;
  4. The conveyor flight is coated with polymer powder paint, which increases the conveyor service life when working in wet environments.
  5. A unique development of JSC PTM is used - hot-formed rollers, which significantly reduce the operating costs of maintaining conveyor systems.

A typical overland conveyor include: a drive station, a belt tensioner, a flight, a loading tray, covers and fences, sensors and switching devices, cleaning devices.

Overland conveyor’s assembly

Поверхностный конвейер в сборе