Pipe conveyors

Innovative solution for nonpolluting transportation systems in difficult working conditions.

Трубчатые конвейеры Трубчатые конвейеры Трубчатые конвейеры

General properties:

  • outer diameter of the conveyor belt - up to 900 mm;
  • productivity - up to 7,000 m3 / h;
  • belt speed - up to 6.5 m / s;
  • path slope - up to 30 °.

Due to the fact that in belt conveyors of traditional design there is a problem of active interaction of the transported cargo with the environment, as a result of which the cargo pollutes the environment with its dust cloud and at the same time is exposed to external atmospheric effects, mining companies increasingly prefer pipe belt conveyors.

The main advantages of pipe belt conveyors:

  1. Pipe conveyors are compact, hermetic, they reliably protect the environment from dust during the transportation of cargo, which improves the environmental situation.
  2. Transported cargo in pipe conveyors does not change its properties under the influence of the environment.
  3. The spillage of the transported cargo is prevented.
  4. The conveyor flight is coated with polymer powder paint, which increases the conveyor service life when working in wet environments.
  5. Pipe conveyors work on complex curvilinear routes, taking into account horizontal and vertical bends, which allows to transport cargo over long distances, doing without additional transshipment stations.

At the same time, they allow to optimally solve the issues of transportation of large cargo flows and have low production costs.

World experience shows that the unit cost of cargo carried by tubular belt conveyors is lower than that of other vehicles.

Schema of a pipe belt conveyor

Схема трубчатого ленточного конвейера

The principle of operation of the JSC PTM pipe belt conveyor:
After loading the transported cargo, the conveyor belt with the help of special finger-type roller carriages takes the form of pipe shape.

The other roller carriages mounted on the load-bearing panel along the entire path of the conveyor, clasp the belt in the form of a hexagon, ensuring reliable movement of cargo in isolation from the external environment.

At the end of the path, the belt rolled into the pipe opens with the help of special rollers carriage, taking the form of grooved and then flat shape on the pulley. As a result, the transported cargo is unloaded as on a traditional belt conveyor.