Retractable conveyors

Катучие конвейеры

General properties:

  • belt width - up to 2500 mm;
  • conveyor length - up to 120 m;
  • capacity - up to 3400 m3 / hour;
  • belt speed - up to 3.2 m / s

The retractable belt conveyor is a self-propelled machine of continuous action, mounted on wheels and moving along the rail-track.
As a rule, the retractable conveyor is used in conjunction with belt conveyors to distribute the discharged material into the cells of the bunker.

The principle of operation of the retractable conveyors is shown in the scheme.

Scheme of operation of the retractable conveyors

Схема работы катучего конвейера

The frame of the retractable conveyor moves forward and backward over the bunkers along the rail-track. The unloaded material is continuously dumped from the belt to the retractable conveyor, which is controlled by the operator remotely or automatically. The cargo on the retractable conveyor can move both forward and backward. At the signal of the operator or automatically the conveyor moves along the bunkers, dumping the cargo into the receiving hatches and, with the sequential loading of the bunkers, moves further after filling the bunker.

Modifications of retractable belt conveyors JSC PTM:

by type:p>

  • general purpose conveyors;
  • conveyors for use at hazardous production facilities

under operating conditions:

  • for easy operation;
  • for normal operation;
  • for heavy duty operation

in the direction of the belt:

  • reversible;
  • irreversible

by the response of the work:

  • retractable;
  • shuttle

Retractable conveyors are designed to load material in a fixed position of the conveyor. Shuttle conveyors operate automatically in continuous reciprocating motion.

The retractable conveyors are equipped with the following devices:

  • scrapers primary, secondary cleaning belt,
  • rail track cleaners
  • sensors and control devices for gathering the tape, emergency stop from anywhere along the conveyor,
  • limit switches from penetration into the working areas of the conveyor,
  • control device of the minimum belt speed,
  • limit switches of conveyor stroke limits