Z-shaped conveyors

Z-образные конвейеры

General properties:

  • belt width - up to 2000 mm;
  • belt speed - up to 4 m / s;
  • lifting angle — up to 90 °;
  • conveyor capacity - up to 3500 m3 / h.

Constructive advantages of steeply inclined conveyors of JSC PTM:

  1. Lightweight conveyor flight simplify installation of conveyor;
  2. The flight is easily disassembled and assembled, which allows to quickly move the conveyor and install it in the right place;
  3. The conveyor flight is coated with polymer powder paint that protects against moisture and prevents the formation of rust, thereby increasing the service life of the conveyor;
  4. A unique development of JSC PTM is used - hot-formed rollers, which significantly reduce the operating costs of maintaining conveyor systems.

Conveyor consists of:

  • power-drive, tension, loading, linear and bypass sections;
  • covers and supporting metalworks;
  • sensors and switching devices.

Additionally, a supply package may include a scraper picker in the loading area of the transported material.

Transportation of cargo is carried out in horizontal and vertical sections.

The vertical sections of the conveyor are made in the form of boxes, inside of which there is a working branch of the conveyor belt, carrying the material upwards, and a reverse idle branch.

All manufactured equipment is certified and has permission to use at hazardous facilities, including gas- and dust-hazardous coalmines.

Z-Belt Conveyor Assembly

Z-образные конвейеры
Z-образные конвейеры